Tamaz Beradze Institute of Georgian Studies

About us

The Institute is an independent, multidisciplinary scientific-research unit of the University of Georgia, whose field of activity is the planning, coordination and implementation of research in the field of Georgian studies, which, in a broad sense, includes all humanitarian fields studying Georgia: Linguistics, literary studies, art, archeology, folkloristics, ethnography, numismatics, spragistics, history, economics, jurisprudence, philosophy, psychology, epigraphy, paleography, source studies, etc. As well as the history of non-humanitarian fields and the presentation of scientists working in these fields.


The institute plans to organize national and international academic events and cooperate with various academic institutions, research and training centers, carry out expert, consulting and representative activities, organize conferences and seminars, create electronic databases, museums and exhibition spaces, etc.


The director of the institute is its founder, Professor Manana Sanadze.


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77a, M. Kostava str.